Discover a Rewarding Career in Accounting

Accounting Careers: Limitless Opportunities is a digital course that shows you how an accounting background can help you achieve your career goals and also lead the kind of life you see yourself living.

This course dispels myths about the profession and helps you explore the benefits like workplace and schedule flexibility, being part of a team, and travel opportunities.

In the course, you'll match your hobbies, interests, and passions to careers that are possible with an accounting background.

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Accounting+ is excited to invite you and your students to participate in a new monthly webinar offering called YourCareer+. Join us on the second Thursday of each month for a chance to have your students engage with professionals across the accounting industry.


For Educators

Accounting Careers: Limitless Opportunities helps learners discover how an accounting background can help them achieve their goals and exposes them to the wide range of careers available in the accounting and finance space.

This course covers the extensive benefits accounting skills can provide in business or in daily life, including contexts like entrepreneurship, investing, and personal finance.

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Complete at least one Accounting Careers: Limitless Opportunities course module.

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Write a 300-500 word essay in response to this question:

When you think about your future, what are three goals that are important to you and what are some ways that a career in accounting could help you reach those goals?


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